Monday, February 13, 2012

Seeing the glass - Half Empty or Half Full?

I just realise that.. I had no followers lol except for one friend (*wink* to that person).

I have so many feeelingss.... lol. Part of me is like.... Wait!.. What? I have no followers.. oh well *sigh* *sulk*

And part of me is like excited! Because of this I can actually write anything... no one will comment or flame or anything... no critical response, trolls. I can write no sense.. and all the 'weird' stuff

OMG! all the slash stuff.. maybe my chance to finish my unfinish fanfic without the fear of being criticise by the public, language was a problem.. I mean English is not my first language.. so the Grammar Police will miss this lol.. Hooray. All my 'deviantart' stuff, my music vid :D

Well for everything else there's always my 'rainbow weeping misha' LOL!

1 comment:

  1. Pouty!Sammy is one of the cutest of the cute!

    Sorry, I is shallow. All I know is I wants your fan slash arty stuff ... vids, fics, MOAR.


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