Saturday, February 18, 2012

At The End of The Day It Is Not About Love

I love this episode 2.05 of Being Human US version. It's deals with 'addiction' in any form. For Vampy Aidan is blood, for Josh is his wolf form and Sally is life. At end of the day is not about love - is just what makes you feel good

Episode monologue

At the end of the day, all any of us wants is to feel good. And wether it's a long wet kiss on the dark night or a needle in the arm, it will gnaw at you until you give in- until you let yourself feel good again. And there is nothing esle in the world that feels better than giving in to your inner monster. Every monster has their own version of addiction, it's written into our own nature. We need the blood, the strength, the power. But the curse of those of us with darker urges, is that when we let the cravings inside us take over, someone else pays the price. And when a monster sets sail for rock-bottom, there's no telling what destruction he'll leave in his wake 
- Aidan McCollin

I love the ending where Aidan meet Henry (his vampy childe) again. The background song make the mood feel like it is a love story lol.. When for a vampire story it does feels like that 

Aidan and Henry had some sort of a fall out back in the 1930's because of Suren (a sort of vampire princess). Aidan took an interest of her because he is her bodyguard/escort at that time. But before he make a move Henry was faster. It did angered Aidan to the point he wanted to stake Henry but Suren stop him. And then Henry continue sleeping with other human woman behind Suren's back, disregarding of Aidan's warning.

So classic but in a twisted vampy way. Daddy and son after the same girl but umm.. Daddy and son also have some UST as well lol! When you dwell upon Henry is like a child having a tantrum coz Daddy wants to find some other girl hehehe

Gifs source -

Ouch! Daddy don't love me anymore - Ima gonna pout

Another arguement of Aidan and Henry 
 All gif source is from

One night Suren found out and in her rage she kill the woman in front of other people. This force her 'Mother' to put the hotel into 'lockdown' and order all the vampys to kill the other humans. Before the attack start, Aidan rejected Henry and then told him to leave Boston (making Henry as his childe an orphan). Mother than 'ground' (buried her) Suren for 80 years as her  punishment

 Aidan rejected Henry because of his disloyal to Suren..
Present time, Mother orders Aidan to dig Suren up. She then orders Suren to head Boston and Aidan became her second. After Suren successfully seducing Aidan to drink life again, they got together. Mother came and gave them a warning that they are slacking. Aidan and Suren head out to clean Bishop's orphaned mess. And Bishop's old place Aidan found Henry again but he decide to hide this from Suren.

The background song where Aidan meet Henry feels like a love song lol! The connection in that scene where Aidan stood infront of Bishop's table and saw him sitting there (Bishop is his vampy daddy but Aidan kill him) and then he met his child Henry again.. *sigh*

Aidan looking at Bishop's empty chair 

Aidan having Bishop flashback

Aidan meets Henry again

 My soul has flown and I am what is left I am skin and bones 
- David J. Roch "Skin And Bones"


  1. I never saw this show before, just the pilot of the British version. OMG it opens with a guy taking off all his kit and runs off with his white ass waving in the moonlight.

    Will contemplate looking this up.


    1. The British version is as good as well. Shall I give the spoiler.. it has tragic ending for the vampy (John Mitchell) and his werewolf (George). I like George he is sooo cute, I prefer him than the American version but I like the American vampy more. Both version had its own strength and weakness. I like them both :D


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