Monday, November 28, 2011

Celcom USB Modem Using Maxis Broadband SIM Card

This is from my own experience.

If you have this usb modem from celcom

The problem you only can use Celcom Broadband Sim card right. Using the software Celcom give you.

Remember before the modem was in usb drive, it was in the form of e600 data card you use with your laptop? Celcom Data Card E600. You use its software for your maxis Broadband Sim Card. If you have forgotten how it look like this is how

See the data card software is from Celcom 3G and the my network is maxis :D.

This installer can be use for your Maxis Broadband using your current usb Celcom modem or any variety mix. I'm using it currently. So you don't have to do hassle hacking. Just install this software into your computer

I tried looking up this installer in the net. But I couldn't find it anyway. So the trick is NOT in the usb Modem or in the SIM card. But it is in the installer software. If you could find something similar you can use it :D

Good luck
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